Hunter Arrested in Awka for Killing a Monkey (Enwe imo Awka)

An unidentified hunter from Awgu, Anambra state, has been arrested in Awka by the youths, for killing a monkey in the forest. The incident happened in Agu-Akwa, Anambra state




The name who’s name was not published by the youths who arrested him for security reasons, was escorted  by the youths to the palace.


He was arrested with his monkey and his gun, and the youths who were seen escorting him to the palace, insisted that he must organize a proper burial for the monkey.



If you are wondering, killing a monkey in Akwa, Anambra state is a taboo in the land, according to their customs, any person who kills a monkey will be subjected into organizing a burial for the monkey.


And the burial would be done according to their customs, which is almost as the same expensive as if were to be the burial of a human being.


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