How to Make Zobo Juice in just 13mins

HOW TO MAKE ZOBO JUICE IN JUST 13MINS. ZOBO leaf is produced from a Flower called Hibiscus Sabdariffa. It can be used to sold in the market, It’s sweeter and healthier when cold or drink with Ice.


ZOBO can be used on so many occasions like weddings, Birthday, parties and it can even serve as a daily meal when served with any snacks at all, including Doughnuts, kpof-kpof, Chin-chin, Moi-moi, Akara, Buns, eggroll, Okpa and so many other Snacks you can think of. Now, let me take you through on how to make ZOBO by yourself at home in less than 13mins.



  1. pineapple
  2. Apple
  3. Orange
  4. Ginger root
  5. Garlic Onion (optional)
  6. G-Vita Cola flavor (optional)
  7. Clove
  8. 2 cubes of Sugar, Depending on your Sugar level tasty you want your Zobo to be. Some do not add sugar at all. The choice is yours.



  • pour the ZOBO leaf on a bowl and wash the dust and sand off it.
  • Pour it on a Pot and fill it with water until the water fills the Top of the leaf.
  • Now, Boil it for at least 5mins before you start adding the ingredients used for cooking it.
  • The first ingredients to add, is Ginger Root, Wash the Ginger root and peel the back off, cut it in small Sizes or shapes, then add ½ cup of water and Blend. NOTE: if you’re using garlic onions wash it, peel the back off and blend it together with the garlic onions.
  • Now pour the blended Ginger root and garlic inside the pot after 5mins. Grind your clove to powder and pour it inside the pot too.


Now we wait for 30mons for the ZOBO to cook. While the ZOBO is cooking, Wash the pineapple, peel the back off and slice it in a plate or bowl, also wash the apple, mango, orange and any other sweet fruits you wanna add to the ZOBO and, Peel their backs off and cut them into smaller shapes according to the video on this YouTube channel below.

Pour the cut fruits inside your blender and add ½ tumbler of water to make it soft for the blender. Now separate the shaft from the Juice using a Cotton cloth, or if possible, use a juice maker to make it easier for you.


Thirty Minutes Later (30mins.), The ZOBO is ready, Add the 2Cubes of Sugar While the other is still very hot, then stir the sugar and separate the Leaf from ZOBO juice and wait for it to get cold for about 20minutes


Now Pour the Fruit juice inside the ZOBO juice and stir together. Congratulations your ZOBO drink is ready. Let’s share it on our Tumbler. Cheers!!!


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