How to Invest in US Stocks From Nigeria

You can buy and sell US stocks from Nigeria and make a killing on the stock exchange. Investing in shares comes with risks, so take your time to study the market. Be driven by knowledge, not by greed. Greed based investment will bleed you, but knowledge based investment can elevate you. Often beyond your wildest imagination.




But please before we proceed, it is important that you know fully well that I am not affiliated with any of the services that will be mentioned in this post, I am not a/your financial advisor! Always remember that it will be helpful to you if you also put in your own time to make deep research before buying or selling stocks.


Now that we’ve getting this out of the way, lets proceed to the topic of the day, How to Invest in US Stocks From Nigeria

So how can you invest in US stocks from Nigeria? It is easy, and I will show you how it is done in six easy steps.

1. Create your account on
2. Fund your wallet using NGN transfer/USD Domiciliary transfer or Barter. Please note that funds might take 1-2 business days to appear in your account.

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3. Search for the particular US stock you are interested in and navigate to the stock’s detail page. Tap Buy and Select your preferred buying option: Buy Now, Buy when price increases, or Buy when price decreases.


4. From the My Stocks section on the home page, select the stock you want to sell to navigate to the stock’s information page. Tap Sell and select your preferred sell option and Input your sell details.

5. Bamboo charges a 1.5% commission when you either buy and sell shares on the U.S market. Other charges/fees are displayed on the review order page before orders are confirmed.


6. To withdraw. From your Bamboo app, navigate to your profile page and click the Withdraw button. Next, select the account option and fill in the necessary details.

Remember!, I am not affiliated with Bamboo in any way, shape or form. This is just my love offering to my followers as an apostle of wealth creation. There are too many people living in poverty in a land that should be flowing with milk and honey, and

I have taken it as a duty to enlighten people away from the darkness of poverty. For more details, watch this video, and it will be helpful to you if you also put in your own time to make deep research before buying or selling stocks.



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