Househelp Sacked After she was Caught on Tape Trying to suffocate her Fellow House Maid/Colleague (Video)

Househelp Sacked After she as Caught on Tape Trying to suffocate her Fellow House MaidColleague

An Abuja Househelp has been sacked after she as caught on CCTV footage as she was trying to suffocate her fellow House Maid Colleague.



According to @northern_hibiscuss who share the story on IG, earlier on Thursday morning, the publication revealed that the culprit house help was caught in the act, just 4 days after she was employed.



It was gathered that she was sacked after the incident, (for fighting) and her boss didn’t file for any charges of attempted murder.




The publication also advised home owners and general public to mark her face and never give her any employment.



There’s been similar cases of bad househlep in Nigeria in previous times, like a case where a woman caught her househelp with some voodoo charms, barley 2 weeks of employing the househelp





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