House of Reps Member Umar Muda, Introduces a Motion to ban Cross-dressing in Nigeria

Nigerian House of Reps Member Umar Muda, has introduced a bill which prohibits the use of crossing dress in Nigeria, and the bill was read on the floor of the House on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.



If approved and passed, the use cross-dressing will be immediately banned in Nigeria, except for the use of entertainment purposes, and offender of the this law will be sentenced to 6-months in prison.


“A person engaging in cross-dressing is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment of 6 months or to a fine of five hundred thousand naira,” – the bill says.



The bill seeks to amend the same-sex marriage (prohibition) act of 2013 by including cross-dressing as one of the offences under the act.


Recall that same-sex couples and gay persons face 14 years in jail if convicted by a court.






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