House Help Kills Snake in the Sitting Room While Oga and Madam Went on Night Vigil

A Facebook user has shared pictures of a big snake her house help killed in the parlor shortly after she and her husband left for a night programme at the church.



According to the lady who shared a post in testimony in a mom’s group on facebook, she narrated that shortly after she and her husband entered a bike to take them to the church, her phone began to ring, but she decided not to answer the call, till she gets down from the bike.


On getting down down the bike she saw she already have up to 12 missed calls from her made, she called the maid back and the maid narrated to her how she killed the snake at the living room not up to 10 mins she and and oga left the house.


The facebook user whose screen name id NC Kanu wrote the following saying;



My fellow moms. please make una help me thank God o. My phone was ringing shortly after my husband and I entered okada that will take us to church, I decided no to pick the call due to convenience, when I got down from the church I saw 12 missed calls from my maid.


Immediately my heart skipped as I about calling her back to shout at her for calling me 12 times nonstop, because I thought something bad has happened at home. When she picked the call she was almost crying, and told me that skilled a snake in out living room. That she sent me the pictures on my WhatsApp.



I opened my WhatsApp and saw the pictures, I couldn’t control myself, I busted out in tears, and told my husband lets go back, we entered bike and came back that same evening.


Please fellow mom’s follow me and praise the name of the Lord for saving my maid and my kids. If anything had happened to them, I don’t know what I would be doing now.


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