Home of Joe Igbokwe Sets Ablaze by Unknown Assailants

The Home of Joe Igbokwe Sets Ablaze by unknown assailants in his country home Nnewi in Anambra state. The APC Chieftain and also the Special Adviser to the Lagos state Governor for Gutters and Drainages shared on his social media page to share that unknown persons were seen via CCTV off-loading gallons of what he assumed to be a petrol.


Less than 2 hours he made the post, his house was seen up in flames, vandalized and ransacked. These are words of Joe Igbokwe;



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“IPOB  invaded my house in Nnewi about now. l am sure they raised down the my house giving the jerrycans of petrol I saw being offloaded from their Sienna car via CCTV. To God be the glory tam still alive”.

However, many internet users didn’t show any sympathy to his post as many were seen reacting with LOL laughing face s. I wonder why that is.


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