He Made a Gum Tree at his Bedside and It’s Disgusting — Lady Shares Disgusting Habit She Found out About her Date

I thought or sight of someone seeing a gum that someone else is chewing can be a mood changer for some people who’re a trying to build a relationship with another person.



Let alone making a Christmas-tree-looking thingy with all the gums you’ve chewed and then using it to decorate your bedside. That alone is huge enough to be a deal breaker for a guy who’s trying to impress a girl on her first visit to the guy’s house.


This is the story received by a UK based tiktoker, Meelayna Moran, after she made a thread asking people to share the weirdest date experience.


One lady’s story shocked everyone when she shared her own experience with a guy she’s trying to date, and she also had photo evidence to go with her story.


The lady said that she found out her date piled up every chewing gum he had ever eaten into a mountain on his bedside table.



She shared a photo of the chewing gum tower and wrote:


“This was the most f***ed up thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, happy chewing bro!”

Her post shocked people and they expressed this in their comments.

Christmas tree looking Chewing Gun Tree
Christmas tree looking Chewing Gun Tree


“I SCREAMED I didn’t think there would be proof!” one person wrote.


Another commented: “There are red flags, then there’s a gum tree next to the bed. One cannot run from this fast enough.”


Another joked: “Why does it kind of look like a garden gnome?!”



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