Harrison Gwamnishu exposes prayer house inside Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, OKija Anambra, Where men and Women are Locked up in the name of Deliverance

Harrison Gwamnishu exposes prayer house inside Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry OKija Anambra

Founder of Behind bars Human rights Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has exposed an illegal prayer House inside Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry in Okija, Anambra state, where men and women were locked up against their will in the name of being delivered from to be mentally instability





In a post shared on his Facebook page on Tuesday night, Harrison said he and his team visited the place after receiving a distress call from one of the occupants, Ekene, who has been in chains for the past two years. He said Ekene claimed that his mum and Uncle brought him to the facility after denying him access to his travel documents. According to Harrison, the place accommodates more than 100 people. He wrote;


This is not a Prison yard or Psychiatric rehabilitation Centre.
The boy we met in the church told us it’s a prayer house.


This place is situated within Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries OKIJA, Anambra State.
Last two weeks, we received a distress call from one Ekene and today we were at Okija to verify his story.




Ekene told us he’s been chained in this detention for the past two years and that his mother and uncle denied him access to his travelling document and brought him to Okija.


We have reached out to Anambra Police Command and DPO Okija but they could not assist us rescue Ekene due to lack of man power. We are putting up this video and hoping Ekene and others will be heard 👂 and the truth about their situations revealed.


PLEASE TAG Mountain of Fire, @Daniel Olukoya, Anambra State Police Command and the media to investigate this facility. THIS PLACE IS CURRENTLY ACCOMODATING MORE THAN 100 PERSONS.
Harrison Gwamnishu
Behind Bars Human Rights





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