Happening Now Live! Jehovah Witness Visits Madam Social, Tells her She will go to Hell if She Doesn’t Stop Doing Comedy (Video)

Madam Social

Some members of the Jehovah Witness church has visited the 80-year-old Anambra comedienne , known as Madam Social and warned her to stop doing her comedy skits of face excommunication.




The 80-year-old comedienne who celebrated making her first 1m naira at the age of 80, was seen in a sad and moody face, saying that she is afraid of been left alone.


Her grandson, MC Shade was also seen, consoling her, telling her that she should forget what those preachers told her.



A mobile number was made available so that her fans and supporters can call in on the live broadcast and share a wonder of encouragement with the aged comedienne.


Madamsocial came to light when her son who was a comedian started  featuring her in his comedy skits.


Though she is often immobile on her comedy skits, but she is always vocal and her old age doesn’t seem to be affecting her sense of humour.

Recall that LatestNGnews.com that controversial preacher, mommy G.O argued that comedians will go to hell when they die, so an assumption of the Jehovah Witness preachers can be based on this.


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