Gunmen Storm Burial Ceremony in Ndimgbu Otolo, Whisk Security men Away (Video)

Gunmen Storm Burial Ceremony in Ndimgbu Otolo Whisk Security men Away

It was a state of confusion in a particular community of Ndimgbu, Otolo Nnewi on Friday as gunmen stormed a burial event and shot sporadically. correspondent gathered that say that “Unknown Gunmen stormed the funeral event at Ndị Mgbu Otolo Nnewi, whisk security men away after firing gunshots rapidly”



No one knows where the AVG men where taken, after their guns were all seized by the gun men. Disregard the background voice saying the incident happened in Mbanagu Otolo


There has been several reports of unknown gun men activities in Anambra lately, reported how a man survived gunshot attack in Orsumoghu while returning from a burial event in Anambra.







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