Gunmen in Owerri Enforce Lockdown, Causing Children to run Home

There was a complete pandemonium in Owerri the state capital of Imo state today and of course many people panicked which is a natural response to such phenomenon. But unlike the last time there was a pandemonium in south east which was caused by the so called military vaccination exercise just days after concluding python dance in Abia state, torturing, dehumanizing and probably killing or several unarmed IPOB members, today’s own was caused when Gunmen in Owerri Enforce Lockdown, Causing Children and pupils who were on their way to school to run back home.



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It was reported that in Imo State today 4th October 2021, gunmen went about shooting and chasing those who weren’t obeying the sit-at-home order. IPOB had declared that there will be a sit-at-home every Monday to protest the arrest of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Though the sit-at-home was later cancelled but in some areas, but businesses and government offices are still seen close and locked up, while in some areas, people who try to go about their businesses in the South-East on Mondays are usually harassed.

pandemonium in Owerri


In the early hours of Monday morning, October 4, 2021 there was sporadic shooting as gunmen went after those who were going about their daily businesses in Owerri, the capital city of Imo state. Schoolchildren and teachers had to run home while Banks, hotels, shops and other workplaces were also seen as they hastily closed due to the activities of the gunmen at around at 10:30am today.

pandemonium in Owerri

As it was when the there was news of a military vaccination, parents quickly closed their businesses for the day and ran to schools, looking for their kids. and street hawkers, commercial bike riders, commercial bus drivers, and other service providers also ran away, leaving streets deserted.


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