Governor Soludo Visits Nnewi South LGA Secretariat, Ukpor (Photos)

Governor Soludo Visits Nnewi South LGA Secretariat

The executive governor of Anambra state, Prof C.C. Soludo, has visited the Nnewi South Local Government Secretariat Headquarters, Ukpor, Anmabr state, where some unknown assailants set ablaze last night / early Thursday Morning.

CONTINUE READING BELOW reported earlier that some unknown assailants visited the Nnewi-south LGA Secretariat in Ukpor and set it ablaze, destroying several structures and offices, injuring a security guard on watch at the premises, who is now feared dead.


In a press statement given by the governor, shortly after the visit, he condemned the act by these unknown person’s, while asking what is their motive and, what statement are they trying to make and what goals have they achieved by burning the offices.

Prof Soludo in his own words, said;


I was at Ukpor, the Nnewi South LGA Headquarters and the scene of last night’s attack by some arsonists. This mindless bloodletting and destruction of infrastructure does not define who we are! Nothing can justify these acts of criminality.



As I looked at what is left of the rubbles, I asked myself, “in all this, who loses?”. Structures built from the taxes paid by the genuinely hard-working men and women on the streets are ruined for reasons that are incomprehensible to sane minds.




The resources that should have been deployed to providing more for struggling tax payers, would now be channeled into reconstructing these destroyed buildings and rebuilding missing records. It is very impossible to make any meaningful progress this way.


Quite frankly, ndị Anambra cannot be repressed by a few criminal elements. Our resolve to entrench law and order is total, no amount of wanton destruction will cower us.


I remember with a deep sense of grief, the three gallant police officers – Inspector Murtala Saudi, Sgt. Mudassir Ahmed, and Sgt. Samuel Ishaya, who lost their lives to the Unknown Gunmen who attacked us at a meeting with the youths in my village on this day last year.


We pledge to continue to take care of their families, and for their sake and many others who lost their lives to the sheer wickedness of a few misguided people, we shall not relent in our effort to make Anambra Liveable and Prosperous.
CC. Soludo







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