Governor General Sandra Mason to Replace Queen Elizabeth as Barbados becomes a Sovereign State

Barbados will be referred to as the “Republic of Barbados” as they’re about to become a sovereign state, once they have successfully cut ties with the British monarchy and become the world´s newest republic.



The event is scheduled for this week Monday evening into Tuesday, and when that happens, Queen Elizabeth II who has been the monarch ruling  Barbados will this replaced as the head of state, and installing her current representative, Governor-General Sandra Mason, as the new president of the country.


Prince Charles in also scheduled to be in attendance, and the swearing ceremony will take will include military parades as well as other celebrations, as Sandra Mason is inaugurated as president of Barbados.



The dawn of a new era has fueled debate among the population of 285,000 over Britain´s centuries of influence, including more than 200 years of slavery until 1834, and Barbados finally becoming independent in 1966.


In October, Barbados elected Mason to become its first president, one year after Prime Minister Mia Mottley declared that the country would “fully” leave its colonial past.


“As a young girl, when I heard about the queen, I would be really excited,” said Sharon Bellamy-Thompson, 50, a fish vendor in the capital Bridgetown who remembers being about eight and seeing the monarch on a visit.


“As I grow older and older, I started to wonder what this queen really means for me and for my nation. It didn’t make any sense,” she said. “Having a female Barbadian president will be great.”


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