Governor Dave Umahi says Ebonyi State will Never be Part of Biafra

The executive governor of Ebonyi state, David Nweze Umahi has said that his state, Ebonyi, will is not and will not be part of Biafra. He maintained that his stat, Ebonyi has been better in a fair and equitable Nigeria.



The governor made this declaration, at the Ecumenical Centre, Abakaliki, on Thursday, during a reception organized for him after declaring his presidential bid, in Abuja.


In his words; governor Umahi said;


“Let nobody be afraid of the Presidency of an Igbo man. The Igbo man is a builder and not a destroyer. There is no Igbo man that will be the President of this country and would like to divide or destroy it because we have investments everywhere.


“First and foremost, I have been saying it. If anybody tells you about Biafra, Ebonyi State will never be part of Biafra. We are not Biafra. “We have so oppressed and now we are finding our feet and you want us to go back. We will not. We will not.


“We are better in a fair and equitable Nigeria. And we are not going anywhere. “We are not going anywhere. We won’t. We will continue to appeal and dialogue to be treated fairly and equitably like other regions of Nigeria.


“Some enemies of the South-East say if we become President we will divide the country. How will we divide the country? We have investments everywhere.”


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