“Go school you no gree, na to dey shout Titans upandan” — Nigerians Drag BBNaija Tacha for Saying $50m is Equals to ₦29m

Nigerians Drag BBNaija Tacha for Saying 50m is Equals to ₦29m

Several Nigerians have reacted and shown their disappointment towards BBNiaja Tacha for failing failing to get a simple mathematics, when she said that $50m is Equals to ₦29m.



Anita Natacha Akide, The BBNAIJA super star had written:

“$50,000,000 IS TWENTY NINE MILLION NAIRA (N29,000,000) God Bless the Federal Republic Of NIGERIA.”


This made some of her staunch followers to lash out on her in disappointment, saying she shouldn’t have failed this really simple mathematics.




Below are some of the comments of her followers after she made the post;

Muhammed Zak @muenzak wrote:

“Let’s even agree that she meant $50k. At the end of the day, what u can do with #29 million in Nigeria, u can’t do it with $50k in the US. So, while u’re converting, make sure u also take into account their purchasing powers in the respective countries.”


@Iniesq wrote:

“Go school you no gree, na to dey shout titans upandan, small arithmetic, you dey fumble. Titan indeed.”



@GabbyHOD1 wrote:

“No matter how intelligent you are, you can’t reason beyond ur IQ, that’s the level her brain can carry her”



Some of the comments
Some of the comments


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