Give Yourself Time to Grow!, Timi Dakolo Advices Young People who are Starting up Business and Various Hustles

Nigerian talented singer and song writer, Timi Dakolo has shared a powerful new year message and advise to young people who are starting up various businesses and endavours that they intend to grow with and establish.



Timi maintained that it takes to grow any business or venture, thus advising the younger generations to give themselves time to grow. He advised young people not to compare their little beginnings with the success of someone who has been in the same filed for over 10years. 


He shared this advice with the young generations via a tweet he made on Sunday night which reads;


Just so you know, nobody started really really good. We learnt on the job .Your beginnings shouldn’t be compared to someone’s 10 years of experience. That’s so unfair to what you are building. Give yourself time to grow.

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He then shared a second phase of the advice with younger generations and aspiring entrepreneurs, on a post made on his IG page on Tuesday morning, telling that it is ok to mess up, but try as much as possible to learn from your mistakes.



He also revealed that most of their favourite celebs who have achieved success in what they do didn’t get it right aft first, pointing out that most of them learnt while on the road and from their mistakes.


He wrote to the younger generations, telling that nobody was really good at their beginning, no one had it all figured out. He said that Your first work will look like nothing you have in mind and  That’s ok.


The truth is that, you are going to mess up a lot at the beginning. Flunk at your first try. Your first work will look like nothing you have in mind. That’s ok.


We all didn’t get it right at first, it is possible the people you admire now were worse than you at the beginning. That part wasn’t just shown to you. So it’s ok if you are struggling at first, it’s part of the process. Nobody was really good at the beginning.


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