Girlfriend to Young Nigeria man Scammed of ₦200k at Their POS Shop (Video)

Girlfriend to Young Nigeria man Scammed of ₦200k at Their POS Shop

A young Nigerian man has shared a video of how his girlfriend who stays for him at his POS shop was scammed by an unidentified man who came to their POS outlet to make a deposit of ₦200k



The young man who gave his name as Chukwudi Anthony Onyebuchi, said that his girlfriend who stays at the POS shop collected the money which was in ₦1000 notes.



He continued by saying that his girl counted the money, and it was complete, then she told the man the POS charge for depositing such amount, the man bargained that price was too much, collected the money from the girl, did as if he was leaving, and then came back.


Claiming that he doesn’t want to go to another POS and start wasting time counting the money all over. After she collected the money again, she sent the 200k and the man who has been pretending to be their customer, dashed her 500.



Immediately the man confirmed the deposit of 200k in his account, he entered his car and zoom off, that was when the girl realized that the money has been changed.


He added that he went to the bank to make a complain, but the bank told her that the account is a Virtual Account, so they can do anything to it.



Chukwudi Anthony Onyebuchi according what he learnt from the bank, also warned the general public to be on the lookout of any account number that starts with 7.



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