German Shepherd Dog Named Tinsley, Leads Police officers to Where its owner car crashed

The lives of two occupants of a pickup truck have been saved, thanks to the intelligent efforts of a German Shepherd dog named Tinsley, who led to state trooper police to the site where his owner’s car crashed.



It was reported that the occupants of the pickup truck were seriously injured when the police found them, and are already suffering from hypothermia which would’ve fastened their death if the dog hadn’t helped the police officers locate them.


A New Hampshire state trooper and police from the nearby city of Lebanon who described the signal the dog was giving them said;



“It was kind of, ‘Follow me. Follow me.’ And they did that and you know, to their surprise to see the guardrail damaged and to look down to where the dog is looking at, it’s just, they were almost in disbelief,”


“They discovered a truck which had been overturned with two gentlemen that were ejected from the vehicle,” said Lt. Daniel Baldassarre, New Hampshire State Police.



Police added that one of the occupants turned out to be Tinsley’s owner, they were both taken to the hospital and are expected to make full recovery, while the German shepherd dog was check and appeared to be “NOT INJURED”


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