Fulani Herdsman from Mali Arrested while Trying to Make Entrance in Kano (Video)

Fulani Herdsman from Mali Arrested while Trying to Make Entrance in Kano

A suspected Fulani Herdsman from Mali, has been apprehended by the security operatives while trying to gain entrance into Kano. They were fully loaded in a commercial bus entering the metropolitan city, the security operatives suspecting something off, asked all of them to alight for a proper search of their vehicle.




He was apprehended while the security operatives where conducting a stop and search exercise on the road, in their quest to curb the rising state of insecurity in  Nigeria. During his interrogation after his arrest, several weapons were confiscated by the operatives which where in his luggage, some of the items found on him includes an AK 47 raffle, bullets, dagger, a military uniform, etc.



In his defense, he claimed that the army uniform didn’t belong to him, that he belonged to someone he referred to as “small papa” (suspected to be someone he considered to be his superior), he also said that arms and bullets found on him were bought from an Hausa street peddler.



He also admitted that the military grade dagger that was found on him belonged to him, but he only use it for cutting of meat. Clarifying on the army uniform found in his luggage, he said that it belonged to his elder brother who is military, claimed that his elder brother gave him the clothes because they’re old and don’t like them anymore.




Several canisters of bullet shells were also found in his luggage, asked who fired them, he said he doesn’t know, claimed he didn’t know there were in his bag, while he bought it from Hausa man that sells something in a wheelbarrow.







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