Fuel Scarcity in Nigeria is a Result of Bad Petrol That is Circulating in Country, Which has Spoilt Many People’s Vehicles (Video)

A Mobil fuel station in Lagos has raised alarm to the customers and the general public about a bad quality petrol which was supplied to them by Salonial Fuel depot in satellite town Lagos.



According to a video which was obtained by LatestNGnews.com, it was gathered that the petrol was supplied to them few days ago but they didn’t know that it was of low quality.


Several engines car and motorcycle engines of their customers were reportedly knocked and damaged, as were seen in the video


A young man who is believed to be a caretaker, pump attendant or staff of the fuel station said they had to manually filter some gallons of petrol they can use to work.



It was also reported that 2 of their petrol pumps were also affected and spoilt by the bad petrol which was supplied to them by Salonial Fuel depot.


Until this wave of bad petroleum products is cleared, Nigerians are therefor warned to be careful where they buy fuel for their cars, motorcycles, generators, and all engines.


It is also reported that the fuel scarcity in several filling stations are in connection to the NNPC, after they imported Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) with high Sulphur.


When they learned about this, several fuel stations who have already bought the new imported petrol were advised not to sell, as several cars, engines, etc, were reported damaged, and over 100m liters have already being in circulation.


Some branches of Ardova, Enyo, northwest, total & pinnacle filling stations were affected and the Govt has reportedly asked depot owners not to take advantage of this to increase price.



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