From Grass to Grace Accomplishments of Senegalese Players Édouard Mendy and Sadio Mané, From Africa to England

The story AFCON 2021 which just ended on Sunday, with Senegal lifting their first AFCON trophy on 6th February 2022, wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Édouard Mendy and Sadio Mané.




Édouard Mendy who plays for Chelsea FC and Sadio Mané who plays for Liverpool FC, both in the English Premier League, were both instrumental to the success of their team.


But what’s more fascinating is the grass to grass story which they both have in common. Both of their names made the trends on Sunday and Monday, so decided to make a less in-depth search of these players.


Mané believed he’d be a great player and make history but no one believed him, a quote of him from Liverpool FC fan page reads;


 “When I was young, I would tell everyone that I’m going to be a big player for a big club and they would laugh at me. It wasn’t because they didn’t think I was talented, but it seemed impossible to go from Senegal to the top. But I always knew I had it in me.”



Today, Sadio Mané plays for Liverpool FC and is one of the first squad for the English club, alongside his African brother, Mohamed Salah.


In a similar way, a little search of Édouard Mendy revealed that the goalkeeper had a rough childhood, at the age of 24 he’d already lost all hope, and sources said he considered suicide, as seen on a post published on a Senegalese fan page. It reads;


Mendy life story need to be documented. This a man that lost all hope at 24years and now he 28 and he won it all and all the verge of becoming African best player, he will be an inspiration to sport world.


A little dive into Mendy’s accomplishments revealed that he’s won several titles in his goalkeeping career, all in under 12 months for Édouard Mendy… and they include;


Champions League
Super Cup
Africa Cup of Nations
First place medal FIFA The Best Men’s Goalkeeper
First place medal UEFA Men’s Goalkeeper of the Year


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