Flooding in Nigeria: Price of Bag of Rice Soars to ₦‎72,000 In Jos, Due to Effects of Flooding

Nigerian Rice

Flooding may be gradually reducing across nation, started with areas that were less hit, to the areas that were severely hit, but the effect and pains of the flood on the price of food items is the same across the nation, according to a report by a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) who conducted a market survey. 




Reports showed that a 50kg bag of locally-parboiled rice now sells for N43,000 up from N28,000 in September. The price of rice has gone up in Jos as a 50kg bag of smuggled rice now costs N45,000 up from N35,000 for which it was sold three weeks ago.


A bag containing 80 bowl measures of local rice, which was sold at N50,000 at the beginning of the year, now sells at N72,000 in Jos.



Mr Austin Chikwujindu, a trader at the Chorbe Market, blamed the price increases on the soaring rate of the dollar and recent flooding in parts of the country.




“The price of a 50kg bag of foreign parboiled rice has risen to N45,000 from N35,000 that was obtainable just three weeks ago.



“I believe the rise in dollar rates and high cost of transportation due to fuel scarcity could be the reason for the upward change in price.



“The floods affected many parts of the country, limiting the number of foods and other commodities that could be moved around.



“From the feelers that we are getting a bag of foreign rice might cost up to N50,000 by December and not just rice, but other food items like groundnut oil, flour, Semovita and others,’’ he said.



A foodstuffs trader at Katako Market, Malam Aliyu Umar, said that 80 bowl measures of local rice which used to sell for N50,000 is now sold at N72, 000 and it may go higher.




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