Fire Razes Petrol Tanker in Obodo Ukwu Junction, Owerri Road, Onitsha (Video)

What started as a peaceful morning in Onitsha, had an unexpected turn, as a petrol tanker fell while trying to navigate and escape the bad side of the road.



Unfortunately,  the petrol tanker caught fire, and was razed with fire at the popular Obodo-Ukwu junction, in Owerri Road, Onitsha Anambra state.


Several nearby  residential building and shops were affected by the fire explosion from the petrol tanker which caused the fire to expand.


--CONTINUE READING BELOW-- correspondent who arrived at the scene later on Friday afternoon, gathered that the fire which started at 8.30am.


Its effects are still felt along the road, because it had impeded movement along the road. Vehicles and other road users, in and out of Onitsha, were forced at standstill 



Fire service both from Anambra and Delta states have arrived the scene and are battling to quench the fire amid a shortage of water.



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