Filipino Lady, Richiele Kivezscheani, Shows Appreciation After Nigerian Grafix Designer, Michael Bassey, Transformed her 43 years old Picture

A lady from the Philippines, Richiele Kivezscheani, has shown appreciation to Nigerian Grafix Designer, Michael Bassey, after the artist used some computer tools to her 43 years old Picture.



Michael who is a graphix designer and Photoshop expert, shared the before and after pictures of the lady who is believed to have hired him for the job. Sharing the finished picx on his page, Michael wrote;



This has to be one of my favorite photo restoration so far, glad it turned out well🙂. #photoshop #photorestoration



The Filipino Lady, Richiele Kivezscheani, being so amazed that her old and damaged picture was restored by Michael, using Photoshop, took to her fb page on Tuesday, to write a recommendation for Michael., she said;




Today is a very happy day for me. Thank you so much to this wonderful guy Michael Bassey, for restoring my childhood picture. I was 5 years old on this picture.



He really did a great job and I recommend him to you guys in case you might need services like this! I am 43 years old now and feel so happy to meet my little version😊😁😃







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