FG Announce That Aso Rock Visitors will undergo COVID-19 test at the Gate

The federal government of Nigeria through the Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu has Announced that everyone visiting Aso Rock must undergo COVID-19 test at the Gate before they are allowed in.




Shehu said that the decision for a mandatory covid-19 test before entrance has become necessary due to the global spike in the rate of the COVID infections,


He also revealed that there has been increased infection rate ever since the discovery of the Omicron variant. In the statement, he added that the the test which will be conducted at the entrance of the villa, is free of charge.


The statement reads; 



“Yes, a new regime of COVID-19 regulation has been put in place for all visitors to the Villa, not for Governors alone. “Every visitor to the Villa, not just those seeing the president, is now required to do a rapid test at the gate.


“The kits are freely issued so no one is required to make payment. This is purely temporary in view of the recent spike in cases, and will be removed any moment the situation abates. It’s a growing practice in government offices in many countries.


“Although some exceptions have been made for a few leaders in government coming from outside the Villa, they too are encouraged to do those tests.


“This policy has rightfully been justified following the discovery of COVID-19 positivity in some of those tested since the last few days of the practice.”


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