Female VIP Party Attendee Whose Police orderly was filmed Carrying Food-Tray speaks, claims its for the officer

Viral Video of a Police Officer Carrying Female VIPs food tray Sparks Amusement Across the Internet

A female vip party attendee who was pictured as a policeman behind her was carrying a food-tray in an event, has said that the food the policeman was carrying was for the officer, and not for her.



The female VIP attendee who has been identified as Dr Nimota Nihinlola Akanbi, a former Nigeria’s ambassador to the Republic of Netherlands, made the clarifications after the video went viral, in ridicule of the Nigerian Police Command, which made the officer to be asked to report to the command headquarters


In a statement released, Akanbi who is currently the chairman of the Governing Board of National Secondary School Education, clarified that the sumptuously stuffed plate of food her police orderly was seen carrying at a buffet in viral video was not hers but that of the police officer.


“The truth is that I allowed him (police orderly) to pick his food. I am a teacher and disciplinarian,” she explained



The former envoy urged Nigerians to disregard the viral video, saying that it might be the handiwork of her detractors. She said she understands the importance and nature of the work of security operatives and that she would never do anything to demean them.


She however, did not comment on the fact that the orderly was carrying her blue purse which was placed under the plate of food.






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