Female Realtor Seeks Advice After a Client Demanded for Scx Before Buying a Property worth ₦50m From Her


Abuja-based female realtor has seek public advice and opinion after her male client demanded scx so that he will buy a property worth ₦50m with her as the agent, which will give her a profit of ₦5m as percentage.



Twitter user, @bigNenye, shared her plied her she asked for public’s opinion on what to do about it, wondering if she should oblige with the client’s canal demands, or respectfully decline the offer and stand a chance of loosing ₦5m which she said will be her commission if she sells the property.



Posting on her twitter page on Wednesday, the lady wrote;


My female realtor how do you deal with client that want to sleep with you before buying a property from you, and this property worth 50million and your commission is 5million 😩😩

Feamle Realtor asks


Female Realtor asks


Several Nigerian social media influencers, like Tunde Ednut, Ubi franklin, and others, has since then posted a screenshot of her question on their pages.



However, several people have advised her not to go ahead with the man’s demands, and that she should respectfully deny the man’s requests, adding that sleeping with the guy won’t guarantee anything, and that it might set a precedence, which will lead to unforeseen incidents that may likely hurt her business.

Haaaa why am I seeing my tweet everywhere
Haaaa why am I seeing my tweet everywhere – she wrote





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