Fan Makes a Beautiful Portrait of Yemi Alade Using Face Powder (Video)

A support of Yemi Alade and a lover of good music who goes by the IG handle @ZonaStrings has blessed Yemi Alade with a beautiful facial portrait of the singer’s face using face powder.



Excited Yemi took to her IG page to share the good news which came in as a submission of the on-going double-double challenge.



Posting to her IG, Yemi said;

yemialade 🔥🔥🔥 @zonastrings It’s been an amazing year for me 🤗 even @yemialade knows what’s up ❤❤

The video went viral in less than 1 hour is was posted with many comments and reposts as many were praising the talented artist who did the drawing.


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