Fame, Money, Power are Too Intoxicating, May God Help us – Olamide

May God Help us – Olamide

Ace Nigerian rapper, Olamide Adedeji, has said that fame, money and power can be too intoxicating. He shared his 2 cents about this aspect of life while advising young and upcoming artists.




Some may say that Olamide shared the pros and cons of having fame and being wealthy, but the the record label boss who took to the microblogging platform Twitter was simply reflecting on the adverse effects of fame power and money in the music industry on musicians.



According to baddo, money fame and power are very intoxicating. He went ahead to as well pray for God’s help for him and his colleagues.




The ‘Motigbana’ crooner wrote:


“Fame, money, power. Too intoxicating…. make God de help all of us.”

Olamide says Fame Money and Power are Too Intoxicating






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