Fake Police Officer in Sussex Arrested after Trying to kidnap Schoolgirl

Fake police officer in Sussex arrested after trying to kidnap a 14 years old Schoolgirl who was on her way to school. The man posed as a police officer according to Sussex Police and wore a yellow hi-visbility jacket, approached a 14-year-old girl in Crawley, West Sussex before cycling off on Wednesday, October 13 at 8am.



The teenager was “forced off the road and had her clothing searched”, but is unharmed (physically or sexually) and is receiving support from specialist officers. However the 32-year-old Fake Police Officer in Sussex was arrested on October 14, on suspicion of kidnap and impersonating a police officer and is currently in custody at this time.


On the issue of Fake Police Officer in Sussex, Marc Clothier whois the the West Sussex Police Superintendent said:

“We understand that this arrest will impact communities. “We want to reassure people we have not received any similar reports at this time and there is no current risk to anyone in the community in relation to this case. “You will see more uniformed patrols in the area, and we encourage you to stop and talk to us if you have any concerns.



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“If you do see any behaviour that causes you concern, please always call 999 right away.” A Sussex Police spokesman said: “It was just after 8am on Wednesday when a 14-year-old girl, on her way to school, was approached by a man wearing a yellow hi-vis jacket, who took her to an adjacent area off the road and searched her clothing before cycling off.


“Following police inquiries and further information, a 32-year-old local man was detained in the town at 11.15am on Thursday 14 October. “He was arrested on suspicion of kidnap and of impersonating a police officer and is currently in custody for interview and further inquiries.” Anyone with information is urged to call 101, quoting Operation Lonsdale.


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