Fake Clerics Attend Bola Tinubu’s Unveiling of Kashim Shettima as his APC Presidential Running Mate (Video)

Fake Cleric Attends Bola Tinubus Unveiling of Kashim Shettima as his APC Presidential Ruining Mate

Some clerics who attended the unveiling Kashim Shettima as the APC presidential running mate to Bola Tinubu, has been tagged as fake. This is coming after various religious scholars dissected the images of the supposed clerics who came to show that they were in support of APC choosing a Muslim-Muslim presidential and vice-presidential candidates.



DailyTrust reported that said Christian clerics, (some men and women who dressed in cassocks and stole) who were at the event, walked into the hall, which took place at Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja,  shunned cameras and microphones from journalists who approached them for a quick word.



In his speech, APC’s vice-presidential candidate, Kashim Shettima Mustapha, thanked clerics whom he said were up to 50 in number, and those who understood that the Muslim-Muslim ticket was a strategy to defeat APC opponents in 2023. He said;


“I’m sincerely proud of the rational citizens, who view this, as nothing but a pragmatic permutation, to defeat our opponents at the polls, and based on acknowledgment and implementation of the candid perspectives of our Christian brothers and sisters in the APC, who, like us, are bound by the passion for us to retain power, in order to deepen the delivery of unifying and transformative governance, to Nigerians,” he said.



DailyTriust reported that as the clerics left the hall and headed for the car park, some reporters approached them, but they all shunned the reporters and kept mute.



“Can you tell us why you are here?” a reporter asked, to which one of the men responded, “No! No”




“You don’t want to speak with us?” the reporter asked again and the cleric nodded.



One of the men used his bag to block the camera, while another walked quickly to avoid the reporter.



In a video obtained by LatestNgnews.com, another who had a face mask on, pointed towards the reporter in a manner suggesting that he was warning him.








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