Facebook User Narrates How They Found Fetish Images and Names of 2 Persons Tied Together and Thrown into an Ocean (Photos)

Wendy Okowan

A facebook user who goes by the name Wendy Okowan, has narrated how she saw fetish images tied together with names of 2 persons written together on it and thrown inside a sea.





According to her, she said she was visiting her sister and her husband when the discovery was made. She added that she had she gone to brother in-law’s work lace when she saw the names and the images tied together. 




She narrated the rather shocking experience  on her page on Friday evening, June 10, 2022, saying;



So something happened today when i went to see my sister and her husband. My in-law own a sand beach ( dump)where sand is been drilled.



I saw these 2 images and asked how come… To my greatest shock, my in-law said it was drilled out of the water during the process of drilling out sand.



They saw it tied together with a names written on it but the name of the Male image has wiped out remaining that of Female which bears VICTORY OKEREKE.


My in-law had to untie it. According to him, he has broken the bond by doing so. This incident happened last week.



Omo!! Crazy things are really happening oo.








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