Facebook User Exposes a Scammer who Pretended to be a Cryptocurrency Investor, Gets the Scammer to Send his account Number

A Nigerian facebook user Lech John Paul has shared a rather serious but hilarious screenshot of his chat with a scammer who thought he was a potential prey.



According to John, the scammer thought he was a newbie online but he had already ran a check on the profile which the scammer claimed to be one Jessica Blohm from US.


At the course of their discussion, John decided to bless the scammer with 3k at least it’ll be enough for food money, even if its for today’s lunch meal.



Posting the funny incident on facebook, John wrote saying;

INSIDE LIFE, YAHOO NI BABALAWO 🤣 🤣 So right now a scammer is in my inbox disguising as an American,


I showed him that Crypto guys are so intelligent and made the Mofo reveal his identity by dropping his account number 🤣🤣🤣


The scammer sent an account but it wasn’t he’s, so John requested that he should send his own personal account number, which he did


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