Facebook and Instagram to Shutdown Operations in Europe due to dispute over Data Protection laws with Europe

Facebook (now Meta) ceo, Mark Zuckerberg  has threatened to pull the plug of core services its social media platforms,  Facebook and Instagram in the European regions including UK, due to a dispute over data protection laws with Europe.


Meta has quietly issued a warning saying that it could shut down the services if Europe doesn’t let it perform “transatlantic data transfers”.


This means transferring people’s private data from secure servers in Europe, where they are heavily regulated, to the US.



In an annual report to a US government agency, Meta said that the company will “probably” have to stop offering its “most significant products and services” if a new framework is not adopted.


While Meta claims that sharing data between countries and regions is critical to providing its services, the European Court of Justice has prevented it from doing so since July 2020.


This is largely to protect users across Europe from having their data shared or sold without their knowledge.



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