FA Hands Ivan Toney 8months Match ban and £50k fine for Breaching 232 Betting Rules

28-year-old England and Brentford striker, Ivan Toney, has been handed an 8month match ban for breaching 232 FA’s betting rules. According to FA, the match ban which takes immediate effect, will prevent the England striker who only had 1 appearance for his country, to not engage in football or any football-related activities will January 16, 2024. An FA statement read:




‘Ivan Toney has been suspended from all football and football-related activity with immediate effect for eight months, which runs up to and including 16 January 2024, fined £50,000 and warned as to his future conduct for breaches of The FA’s Betting Rules.


‘The Brentford FC forward was charged with 262 breaches of FA Rule E8 in total between 25 February 2017 and 23 January 2021. The FA subsequently withdrew 30 of these breaches and he admitted to the remaining 232.’



His sanctions were subsequently imposed by an independent Regulatory Commission following a personal hearing. ‘He is permitted to return to training only with his club for the final four months of his suspension starting from 17 September 2023.



‘The independent Regulatory Commission’s written reasons for these sanctions will be published in due course, and The FA will wait to review them before commenting further.’ An independent regulatory commission imposed Toney’s sanctions and he will not be allowed to train with his Brentford team-mates until September 17.


Before his suspension, Iven Toney has scored 20 goals and 4 assists in 33 EPL appearances for Brentford this season.


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