Eyewitness Gives Detailed Account of how Sylvester Oromoni Was Beaten and Died Days Later

An eyewitness has decide to come forward to give a detailed account on how young Sylvester Oromoni Jnr. was beaten and injured with several injuries including a broken leg.



Hello tamara
Sly got beat up on Saturday 27th of November by the boys that was named and the ring leader was favor, aslem and micheal is more of a follower.


I was in the room the day they came in, Sly was on his bed and we were just talking and playing in our hostel room as usual after we clean. At about evening time the senior boys came in and senior favor switched of the light they were holding their belt with them


They were not 5 but 6 senior boys but I don’t know who exactly was part of the beating but I know senior Edwin was there for sure.


They beat him up and he fell from his bunk and after they were done they called us back to the room and aslem said the school rules piss him off and if we snitch the way sly did them would do even worse to us. Sly was still on the ground and favor kicked his head again before they left


In the morning on Sunday sly was on his bed and he complained that he couldn’t walk so the senior called us to their room and said if we snitch they would know and that if they ask us what is wrong we should say he played football.



The dorm master knew there was a beating that occurred so I don’t understand why they are lying on the internet that he wasn’t aware


Even the following morning sly went to the sick bay and it was obvious he was beaten and because no football can break bones and moreover that week we didn’t have or play football or sport activities.


I tried to explain to the principal what happened but they keep shutting us up and saying he was playing football even before sly uncle came to pick him up me and me and my friend told our dorm master mr amed what really happened but they didn’t want to listen to us


I can’t sleep so I decided to speak the truth everything sly said before he died were the truth


We didn’t know he was dead till we were sent home and picked by our parents, They told us he was getting withdrawn from the school.


This is not the first case that has happen in Dowen they always hid and cover it up the junior student are not always protected by the teachers or principal if we report annoymously they would make us suffer for reporting


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