“Everything I experienced in my Marriage will be your Portion Dear” — Maureen Esisi Wishes her Troll who Called her Evil

Maurren Esis Actor Blossom Chukwujekwus ex wife

Maureen Esisi, an ex wife to Nigerian actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu, has wished a troll who called her evil, to experience everything she experienced in my Marriage.




Judging from the context and manner Maureen Esisi made these statement, it’ll be safe to assume that she probably caused this troll, and statements like this are not to be taken lightly.



According to what was gathered by LatestNGnews as it transpired on IG, the troll who was obviously he follower had commented on one of Maureen’s posts, claiming that the actor has remarried and that she is seeking for attention.




The comment didn’t go down well with the fashion designer. She cursed her to hell and back, she wrote.


“You will be for evil. Everything about you will be a failure. You will never make it on earth. You will die untimely. Your children will curse you. Your lineage will end abruptly,” 



“And lastly everything I experienced in my marriage will be your portion. Until you apologize sincerely this will be your story. Cheers dear.”

Maureen Esisi
Maureen Esisi




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