Enugu state man, Okechukwu Chisom, builds Power bank to Charge Clippers and Other light Electrical Equipment (Video)

A Young Nigerian man from Enugu state, who gave his name as Okechukwu Chisom has produced a working electric power bank that can be used to charge electric barbing clippers and other home electric appliances.



Chisom, when asked what prompted this invention, he said that it is because he’s seen several barbers in his area who would go for home service and would not achieve their aim because of power outage or shortage of electricity in the area or in the country.



So he took it upon himself to find a solution to this problem by producing this locally made powerbank that can power and charge a 12v chargeable clipper, which will enable those barbers to  do their jobs.



Further explaining his product, Chisom said that the powerbank can take up to 24hrs to fully charge and can work up to 4days. A video of him was shared on facebook by a Enugu state blogger and video creator, Uncle IB.




He stated that through his interview with Chisom Okechukwu, he learnt that the young boy didn’t go to any school to learn how to configure, fix and produce these things that he produces. 



LatestNGnews.com has reported similar technology development about a man from Nnobi Anambra state, who gave his name as Mr Uzoma Isaiah, who produced a 100% working mobile phone that can send and receive calls/text messages,



Mr Uzoma Isaiah, in an interview, revealed that he built the phone whcih comes with LED screen, using everyday scraps, metals and supplies which he got from the scraps market, 






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