Egyptian Government Moves 22 Militants To Death row, Serves them Sentence by Hanging

The Egyptian government through court on Thursday place 22 inmates on a death row and sentenced them to death by hanging 22, The unlucky inmates according to source who spoke to LatestNGnews, disclosed that they’re convicted Islamist militants which are linked to over 54 attacks, including the attempted assassination of a former interior minister, Mohamed Ibrahim.




These militants when tried were found guilty of sanctioning and carrying out 54 “terrorist operations” across country, in one of which a senior police officer lost his life. as well as trying to kill former interior minister.



A former police officer, and members of the Ansar Beit al-Maqdis group were among the convicted, they were all tried civilians, and will be executed (Hanged to the death) as civilians, according to the law of the country.  Their sentence and verdict were passed today, and cannot be appealed.


The Court of Cassation, Egypt’s highest appeals court, also upheld prison sentences of 118 others in the same case, ranging from terms of several years to life imprisonment.


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