DSS Invites Zainab Naseer Ahmad, The Leader the Northern Youths Protest on Friday

Zainab Naseer Ahmad, one of the leaders of the Friday #NoMoreBloodshed protest in FCT, Sokoto and other northern parts of the state has been invited by the Department of State Services (DSS).



LatestNGnews.com reported earlier that youths in various Northern states like Sokoto, Kano, Bauchi, Zamfara, including the FCT trooped to the streets on Friday to protest against widespread insecurity and killings that has been going on in the Northern part of the country.


Following the invitation of by the DSS, Ahmad Zainab Naseer took to Facebook her Facebook page to announce that she had withdrawn from the street protest, advising others to do the same, in her words;



“I want to let people know that from today, I’m dissociating myself from the protest that started today. I’m kindly advising my Kano people to stay away from tomorrow’s (Saturday) protest.”


“I’m aware of some issues, and I’m worried about the safety of people and I don’t want anyone to be hurt due to such action.


“It could be very risky for people to protest tomorrow in Kano due to the information I heard about the plans to hijack and cause chaos for some political interest.


Friday NoMoreBloodshed protest
Shot From The Friday NoMoreBloodshed protest


“I advise us to stay at home for our SAFETY. I was invited for a friendly discussion by the DSS. It is not about me or you, rather the interest of the state. Peace.” The protesters had said they wanted to draw the attention of the government to the escalating insecurity in the North.


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2 thoughts on “DSS Invites Zainab Naseer Ahmad, The Leader the Northern Youths Protest on Friday

  1. Definitely this is why we said the north is under a curse or a cage with no hopes of freedom at all, because just imagine d youths yesterday showed some little sign of light or freedom by organizing a ragtag protest for liberation or freedom, only to be invited by DSS for “friendly” talks and the youth leader after d friendly talks reneged from their protests and declared “I advise us to stay at home for our SAFETY. … It is not about you or me, rather it is for interest of the state. PEACE”
    That was exactly what happened in 1966 when young northern army officers stood up to liberate d north forever from Nigeria but only to be advised by d British at night and they shelved their decision after a “friendly” with Britain “for the interest of the northern region”, and here are we still today. Pitiful!

    1. I am no longer surprised at the things happening in Nigeria, it is obvious Nigeria isn’t going anywhere forward with this regime.. and i’ve made my peace with it.

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