Driver who Escaped Agulu Lake Accident Tells his Story as he Survived the Ghastly Accident which Killed 11 People (Video)

Disclaimer! This article contains disturbing still and moving images that might be very disturbing to some individuals. Viewers discretion is highly advised, as these are scenes from the accident which happened at Agulu lake on December 26th, 2021 on Boxing day.



In a video obtained by, it shows the moment when the driver who was driving a Hijet shuttle bus that escaped death together with all his passengers after their bus caught fire.


The driver who gave first hand information as to what happened, stated that the Mitsubishi Bus driver did him a wrong overtaking while on high speed. 



The wrong overtake made the Mack heavy duty  truck with full load of chippings gravel stones to jam the Mitsubishi Bus which then hit the small hijet shuttle bus.


The collision caused a fire outbreak within the 3 buses and they all caught fire. The fire then claimed the lives of 11 people at the spot and burnt them alive beyond recognition. 


2 of the victims of the accident have been identified as students of Federal Poly, Oko, Anambra state. It will be the second recorded accident that has happened at Agulu lake this December.


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