Drama as Man Transporting Airplane Scratches it (Video)

Man Transporting Airplane Scratches it – It was a rather unhappy evening for a heavy duty truck driver as he scratched an Airplane that he was transporting from one destination to another.




In a video that was shared online, the airplane was properly tied with suspension cargo bands, and it has been a smooth transition, but that the truck driver didn’t account for was a billboard stand on the road which might have served as a barrier to the cargo on his back.


It was believed that on normal day, he would’ve gone through perfectly especially if wasn’t carrying a gigantic Airplane.



A voice was heard in the background which probably belonged the to person making the clip, laughing and speaking a native language not known in several parts of the world, but some internet users believed it meant “Who’s Idea was this?.


Meaning Who’s Idea was to transport an Airplane on a heavy duty truck without making accounts of several obstacles on the road that might affect the precious cargo.


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