Drama as Lady Tried to Break her Best Friend’s Engagement by Telling the fiancé that her Friend is in Hook up as a Business (Video)

2 Best friends have been at different world’s with each other after one realized that her friend and roommate, tried to sabotage things between her and her man of 5 years who recently proposed marriage and got her engaged.



According to the angry young girl, she was seen in video accusing her best friend that she went and told her fiancé, that she was into hook up as business and source of livelihood


The angry lady confronted her best friend and also revealed that the person she took as her best friend also told her boyfriend that she won’t be able to handle marriage and business.


She also claimed that her best friend’s envious side is why she can’t be in any relationship and also why good things are not happening to her.




The aggrieved lady also attached screenshot of a chat which backed her claim of her bestie alleging she hooks up with other men.








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