Don’t Marry any Girl if You Cannot Defend her Like Will Smith Did — Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri

Nigerian actress, Ruth Kadiri-Ezerika, has said that any man who can not publicly defend his wife’s honour, the same way Will Smith did at the Academy awards, should please, not marry that girl.



Ruth made these comments as she throw her support for the American rapper and actor, after he (Will Smith) slcpped Chris Rock for making GI Jane joke with Jada Pinket Smith, knowing fully well that Jada has a condition that makes her loose her hair.



The actress shared a photo of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars and wrote


“Any man that cannot defend his wife like this should not marry her,” 



No one should advice her about brutality, instead they should advice the police about that and also advice Putin about war – she said,

 “If you talk anyhow, you collect.”


as shared by Ruth Kadiri
as shared by Ruth Kadiri






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