Don’t Dump Your man Because he Didn’t Valentine for you, It is not a Necessity — Reno Omokri Advices Young Ladies

Reno Omokri

Pastor Reno Omokri has advised young ladies has advised young girls not to breakup with their boyfriend, if he didn’t do valentine for her. He argued that valentine isn’t important.



He stressed that young ladies who happen to be with a responsible man, who has prospects and is morally upstanding, should stick with him, and not leave because of Valentine’s day celebration.


He made this advise in a post he made on his IG page, stating that Love is a necessity but celebrating Valentine’s day isn’t a necessity, and it won’t make sense to loose what you already because of something that isn’t necessary, 


Pastor Reno wrote saying;



If your boyfriend loves you, is responsible, has prospects and is morally upstanding, don’t dump him because he did not do Valentine for you. Valentine is not a necessity. Love is a necessity.


Don’t destroy a relationship because of something unnecessary.


In fact, Valentine’s Day has NOTHING to do with erotic, or sensual love. Valentine’s Day is about agape love and true friendship.



What this means is that it is a day for unconditional love, and not a day for conditional sex. Now, what is conditional sex. It is when one gives a gift and the other gives sex. Sex is NEVER a Valentine gift!



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