Don’t Allow What you Don’t Have Make you Forget what you Have — Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, former presidential aide to ex-head of state, Goodluck Johnathan, has asked his followers to be always grateful and thankful for what they have.



He said this while sharing his recent experience as he visited the trouble sides of Ukraine that are being currently invaded by thousands of Russian troops.


He gave this advice via a post he made on his page this morning, which reads;



You woke up today. You are healthy. You are under a roof. You have clothes. You have water to shower and drink. You have food to eat. You have a phone. You have data. You have people to call who will pick your call.


People in Ukraine, The Tigray region of Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Myanmar, and many other war torn parts of this world, will give an arm and a leg to have what you have.



My dear, don’t allow what you don’t have make you forget what you have. You have plenty. Starve depressive thoughts by being grateful to God!





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