DJ Michelle Recounts her Blessings After having a near-death experience

Young Nigerian disk Jockey popularly known as DJ Michelle has finally opened up and speak on her near death experience which happened on the mid-ending of November 2021. After the news broke that young DJ Michelle was drown in a beach, she was miraculously came back to live after she was saved by a man, so to speak.



He was handed over to her family who were not only happy to see their child alive after being in 24 hours of mourning, also thanked the man who saved their daughter. Her family was later called out for playing pranks on the emotions of others, but they came out to say that it was never a prank.


Recounting her blessings, the young disk jockey has thanked God and the mysterious name who saved her from the wrath of the ocean. She added that  the last thing she remembered was being swept away by the water. In her words;



First off, I’ll like to thank God for Keeping me Alive till this day and making it possible for me to be able to write this on my own. On the 18th of November i had a near death experience that literally changed my life completely, I Got carried away by water that’s the last of what I remembered .


I want to specially thank the man who saved me , and also to everyone who reached out and who have been reaching out to me , I really really do appreciate the love and i do not take any of it for granted.


There has been so many fake pages and accounts that has been spreading rumors and putting out different information, I’ll urge the public to Kindly disregard everything as they are not from me.


Lastly, I’ll tender my sincere apologies to everyone for the miscommunication and misinformation that has been passed across. Thank you so much Dj Michelle


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