Disaster waiting to happen: Nigerian man Raise Alarm Over Poorly Constructed House That is Prone to Collapse (Photos)

A young Nigerian man has raised an alarm over a poorly constructed upstairs that is likely going to collapse in the future. The young Nigerian made this clarion call via a post he made on his twitter page on Friday morning.



The tweeter user chijiоke, Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering(Affidavit) @Ekwulu who made the call, added that the house which is still under construction, is located 25 Igbehin Adun street Makoko Yaba Lagos, adding that the supposed developer of this poorly constructed house, is planning to add another deck on it.


He called on the Lagos state government to do the needful, stop further construction on this house, and avoid this impending disaster. His post at the time reads;



A disaster waiting to happen. This building is situated at 25 Igbehin Adun street Makoko Yaba Lagos. The developer is allegedly planning to add another floor. Someone should tag the Lagos state government.





Several concerned Nigerians who shared their views and options on comment section added that this building wouldn’t reach completion stage without collapsing, because the beams are poorly constructed and too tiny.




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