Destiny Iyizoba Raises Alarm for Awareness After his Wicked Uncle Stopped Construction of House he was Building for His mom (Video)

Destiny Iyizoba

A young man who gave his name as Destiny Iyizoba, has raised alarm for awareness after his uncle stopped the construction of a house he was building for his mother while he was not around.



According to Destiny Iyizoba, who hails from Nimo, Anambra state, he said that he was able to save up some money, and had some help to begin the house project while he was in prison, but his wicked uncle chased the workers away and stopped them from continuing the project.


He also disclosed that his family, (The Iyizoba family) is one of the richest, if not the richest family in his community, but his mom has been living in an old house with a leaking roof, and his uncles with all their money abandoned them since after their father died.


Destiny Iyizoba, was seen, so furious and angered, in a clip of the incident posted on his fb page last week, in the caption, he wrote;


Kingdom of God suffered violence and violence we shall take, it is high time we said enough is enough, rich people will not continue to suppress poor people,



when poor man make money they will tell you is a ritualist, youth let us wake up and fight for our right, enough is enough, Onwelu Onye anyi ga agbala oso



Destiny Iyizoba


However, some netizens who’re probably home owners have advised him to go and finish the house he’s building for his mother, that no evil shall come to him, that this is just one of the tactics of the evil minded persons who want’s him to loose all the money he had budgeted for this house project.



Some also advised him to trade carefully as some uncles have been known to be so evil to the extent of using diabolical means to kill or inflict harm to their nephew and nieces









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